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this morning. new details are emerging about the shooting at los angeles international airport. officials say the suspected gunman, 23-year-old paul ciancia , shot a t-s-a officer at point blank range. he then walked away, but returned moments later to shoot him again. kyung lah explains how the >> reporter: investigators are still piecing together their timeline of what happened inside terminal 3 they don't know every step of paul ciancia's path thru the terminal >> "but here's what they do know. a roommate dropped him off at the airport. he entered at about 9:20 in the morning one of these entrances at terminal 3." according to pictures like this one as well as surveillance video, the gun was a 223 caliber assault rifle, which ciancia concealed in a bag. >> "he then approached tsa officer gerardo hernandez here who was standing there where those flowers are -- this is a prescreening area and shot him point blank, multiple times in the chest. he then got on this escalator." >> "the defendant is to then alleged to have begun walking away from the wounded tsa officer, going up escalator and th
! >> reporter: hernandez was killed in a shooting rampage at los angeles international airport friday morning. four other people were wounded. a wreath was delivered to l.a.x. saturday where there's a visible police presence in car, on foot and on bicycles. >> we saw a lot of policemen around so i'm feeling good. >> reporter: a blue tarp cordoned off the security checkpoint where authorities say 23-year-old paul ciancia opened fire. the fbi wrapped up its forensic investigation and cleaning crews were brought in to sanitize the area. >> we want to make sure when people walk in that the place is pristine and no evidence of incidents that occurred. >> reporter: terminal 3 is now completely operational but some baggage was left behind during friday's chaos. passengers are encourage to work with their airlines to claim their belongings. ciancia had some baggage of his own. authorities say he was carrying five fully loaded magazines. that's 180 rounds. and more ammunition was found in a bag nearby. police shot ciancia four times. he is recovering in police custody. teri okita, for cbs news, los an
to be with you in the bay area. could they have stopped the l.a.x. shooter? turns out los angeles police were en route to his home before paul ciancia opened fire at the airport. we'll explain why. plus, an nfl lineman has quit over locker room harassment. we'll tell you what that was all about. those stories and the rest of the world news on the cbs world news at 5:30, right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,, these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at kp.org join us, and thrive. twitter getting ready to go public this week. but is it worth your money? we hear from investors >>> new at 6:00 tonight, twitter getting ready to go public this week. but is it worth your money? we'll hear from investors, whether they think it's a good, or a bad buy. and how a mysterious disease is turning sea life into
- and is in police custody. stephanie elam is live in los angeles with the latest. >> catherine: stephanie?? >> reporter: the los angeles airport police chief said a man with an assault weapon approached a security check point in terminal 3. >> he continued shooting in the past the screener back into the airport itself. >> reporter: the first to die in the line of duty since the agency was created and 81. paul anthony cst and 24 years old and a citizen. currently investigating his background and more about him. >> reporter: especially in sprawling airport likelax. many portholes inside the airport and so many areas to secure. lax is one of those tough airport spiri. >> we were on the tarmac for five hours. first they said there were one to have buses take us off. >> reporter: the shooter according to a source was sending grambling text messages to his family stating that he was unhappy year in lost angeles after leaving new jersey. >> catherine: think you stephanie >> catherine: continuing our team coverage. kron4's dan kerman is live at s-f-o where more than a dozen flights to lax have be
at los angeles airport on friday. the protest telling law enforcement official he was being heavily sedated and being armed guards. he said he acted alone and is being brought back to the airport by a friend. authorities found a note in his duffle bag talking about killing tsa agents centered around a grudge. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple csa employees. they outlined the details in that note. the he signed the letter and made conscious decision to try to kill multiple employees. despite shift changes for officers there is no way of telling when a friday tragedy could have been averted. dominique di-natale. >>> they quickly adjourned after the defendant's chance disrupted the proceedings. he refused to change into the uniform. morsi was brought from the secret location to his detention to cairo to chanface charges of incitement and murder. he w if convicted he faces the death penalty. protestors set up camp outside the court and authorities stepped up security. >>> one lawmaker in washington issuing a threat to the white house to give up
of the shooting in los angeles. >> even if you are now flying to las angeles today you could still have problems getting out of sentence is the airport into l.a. because so many flights into l.a. has been delayed because of a shooting at the las angeles airport. >> please check with their air carrier before you come to the sentences go airport this one to make sure that your flight into that of angeles and other areas are still on time periods pipeline >> won a bart unions has approved a tentative contract with management the agreement means for years of security for management, workers and commuters. >> the contract gives workers a 50 percent raise over four years and addresses some say concerns. >> more than half of the best union members voted at the oakland area friday. >> 80 percent of the voters were in favor of the contract. the aide-de-new members also voted but the results of that but have not yet been released. this is what some bart workers had to say. >> in other bay area news this morning the family of 13 year old lopez supplants to file a civil rights lawsuit against sonoma county.
into the los angeles airport, shooting several tsa officers, and killing one. the fbi says he is paul anthony ciancia, and he was carrying materials, including an anti-tsa rant and a reference to a new world order, according to a federal law enforcement official. when shots were fired, people in terminal 3 ran for their lives yesterday. cell phone video obtained by tmz shows the chaos as officers yelled at people to get down. >> clear? on the floor! on the floor! on the floor now! on the floor! >> go, go, go! >> on the floor! >> come on, you guys. >> go, go! [ alarm sounding ] go, go! [ sirens ] [ bleep ] this is crazy, dog. >> and there you see, without recitation, people taking off, running for their lives in terminal 3 at l.a.x. the scene stunning and terrifying. police shot the suspect several times in the chest, according to an intelligence source. our affiliate kcal got this exclusive video, and appears to show the suspect handcuffed to the stretcher. the suspected shooter lived in l.a. but was from new jersey. chris lawrence is in pennsville where the suspect's family lives. so, chri
announcer ] rethink possible. >> this is los angeles international tonight where officials are still collecting evidence after today's deadly shooting rampage. police believe this is the man behind it. 23-year-old pall dance. he is suspected of shooting his way past security checkpoint using semi-automatic rifle. within the hour the tsa officer killed has been identified. he is gerard hernandez. 6 others wounded. lil i don't know live now from lax by cell. >> this is terminal 3 where it all happened. it is closed and will remain closed until further notice. hundreds of officers have been here all day collecting evidence. pesting together what happened. video shows the chaos after gunman shot his way past security at material national 3 had at l.a. xvl. he's 23-year-old pall dance and tsa officer shot and killed by the suspect described as long gun. also 3 other people were injured and confirm there is only one shooter who is now in custody. >> it was loud bang. i mean boom. it was a loud one. from there we all just duck down. next thing i know nothing but girls around m
. live in los angeles with the latest on this tragedy and what we're learning today about the suspect. -- team facing a hefty payout after a fan got hit in the eye with a flying wiener. >> what? >> are they libel? >> this is no joke. >> $20,000 lawsuit. we report. you decide. "fox & friends" begins right now. these how we wake you up. >> hi this is loser stage manager. welcome to the show. you are watching "fox & friends." >> i thought she said loser stage manager. i thought she said that. >> that's not what she said. >> there is no loser stage manager on this show. >> not here. they are all winners. >> seriously, at this hour, you are really the star of the show. you manage to get us here awake and alive this morning. i don't know how did you it. >> there you go. that's not a loser stage manager. >> look who is here this morning. juliet huddy. >> i forget how much paperwork there is. >> oh there is a lot of paperwork. >> there is a lot to know at 6:00 a.m. >> if you were watching yesterday or sleeping, brand new video this morning, showing the moment that complete chaos at the intern
to approve it themselves. >> and meanwhile, the fbi is waiting to talk to the suspect in the los angeles shootings at international airport. federal murder charges have been filed against paul ciancia. witnesses are recounting the terrifying moments, en-- including one man who came face- to-face with them hymn. >> and i went and cowered in the corner and the shooter was calmly walking down and he saw me cowering there. he looked at me and said tsa? i shook my head and he kept going. >> one tsa agent was killed, five others hurt including the suspected gunman. we're learning about more about yes background. he's from new jersey. he had no history of violence or mental illness. he support text messages telling his family he was unhappy and discouraged living in los angeles. >> the text message was to the brother. the way it was written, they had concern about it and that is when they brought it to our attention. >> he was not a ticketed passenger for any flight out of lax and they believe someone dropped him off at the airport. >>> a patient missing from a closed down care facility in cast
the suspect. >>> reporter: chaos at los angeles international airport friday morning where a gunman opened fire at a security checkpoint in terminal 3. >> i just saw the gun and i was just terrified and like everybody else was. we're all just on the ground. >> reporter: this is believed to be the gunman, 23-year-old paul ciancia, who was ultimately shot by police and is now in custody. >> this individual was shooting as he went into the terminal. the officers didn't -- i repeat, they didn't hesitate. they went after this individual and they confronted this individual. >> reporter: police say ciancia shot several tsa employees. one of them a behavior detection officer died. >> unfortunately we were unable to revive a heartbeat, and he expired from severe gunshot wounds to his chest and to his abdomen. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news anti-government and antitsa writings were found in ciancia's bag. officials say he sent a text message to his family in new jersey today threatening to kill himself. the airport terminal was evacuated but some passengers who were unable to get out crammed int
with details in the shooting at los angeles international airport that left a tsa agent dead. as cell phone video from inside that terminal really shows you the chaos that unfolded. check this out. >> on the floor! on the floor now! on the floor! >> imagine if you were there. hundreds of folks in the moments just after the 23-year-old accused gunman opened fire inside that airport. police are saying the suspect shot the tsa agent at point blank range before turning his gun on the crowd. and returning to shoot the agent again. there were at least five other people injured in friday's shooting. we go now live outside l.a.x. with the latest. dominic, i can't imagine things could return to normal today, but are they? >> they are to some extent. all of the terminals are open including terminal 3 where the incident took place. you can check this for flights there and some of the airlines are not letting people directly to those gates, but getting them on their planes elsewhere. looking quiet behind me at terminal 1, but it is early sunday morning. late last night we heard from the fbi saying wh
. >> thanks very much. bay area second largest philippine american community in the country after los angeles. many people here of course the family in the philippines. experts predict the storm will cause catastrophic damage to several remote area. casualty expected. many bay area residents worried about the loved ones directly in the path of the monster stormed. >> my brother sister are still there. so their houses, not that strong enough to handle this. >> the government has been ready for it. preparing for it with shelters and food distribution. >> now if you would like to help out those affected by the too typhoon there will be many affected you can find link to 2 local organizations accepting donations on our web site just click on see it on tv. >> our reporting continues right now on twitter follow us at this web site. up taste on the powerful storm on twitter and of course on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. we focus on other things for the moment. twitter made huge splash on wall street you probably heard instant millionaire out of dozens. perhaps hundreds of employees. the
: now to a developings story out of southern california. a deadly shooting inside the los angeles airport. and three others have been hurt. the suspected gunman is in custody. >> catherine: tonight -- we have new video from inside. but first. stephanie elam is live in l-a tonight.with the latest. stephanie? >> reporter: catherine it began with passengers running for their lives seeking any kind of rough rich. seeking any kind of refuge. >> reporter: the loss angeles airport police chief is a man with an assault rifle checked and at out of a back and began to open fire in the terminal, terminal 3. >> reporter: sources say another team as agent was shot in the late m1 shot and killed. multiple fired shot quickly. seven people were injured. >> one guy fell down after being shot >> reporter: the suspect went through the checkpoint point where a police fired and hitting the subject. >> people were getting knocked down there was luggage and mayhem everywhere >> reporter: people were hiding impact on stalls and others being evacuated. police were dropped police with guns drawn >> i heard
of plan b to get to los angeles. >> is found out our flight was canceled so we are just going to drive down to -- we were going to l.a. for a wedding. we are going to drive to l.a. as fast as we can hopefully without too many speeding tickets. >> reporter: doug jakel is the sfo spanning. even though his police force is amped up on a day like today, he says tsa hasn't increased its security. >> we'll stay in touch with them should there be any decisions on changes to security procedures. thus far there haven't been any. >> reporter: 100 flights take off from l.a.x. to sfo every day meaning when l.a.x. sneezes, sfo can easily catch a cold. southwest and virgin airlines got hardest hit. we found many disappointed passengers like antoine peron, who was supposed to fly to l.a.x. and vacation with friends. >> supposed to be 1:15, my flight was canceled and we were rescheduled to 3:35. >> reporter: these friends switched airports to get in earlier. >> so we took a ticket to southwest that flies into orange county. >> right now, all of the airlines that operate between sfo and l.a.x. can expec
, 2013. twice in los angeles, flights are operating normally at los angeles airport after the shootings, it left a tsa agent dead and several others injured. we get the latest now from carter evans. >> when paul opened fire in terminal three, he was carried a handwritten note, fbi special agent david bowdag. e. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. >> he was dropped off at the airport and then shot gerardo hernandez point blank. he is the first tsa officer ever killed in the line of duty. even as he sprayed bullets from his assault bullet rifle throughout the, few were injured, airport police chief -- >> we were so lucky. >> in all honesty this could have been much, much worse. >> in his hometown of pen field, new jersey many are asking why. but so far there are no answers. >> josh pagan was a former neighbor. >> he was a friendly guy and there had to be something horrific to go on for him to do something like that. >> he is charged with murder ago federal officer while on duty and could face the death penalty, and authorities are say
from los angeles and the shooting at lax which left one tsa agent dead and questions about airport security across the country. flights have been delayed and canceled as a result of the situation. officials at lax say all flights in and out of the airport are still delayed. with us now from a welcome back to the show. very good to see you. i read that the person responsible for this brought a rifle through a security checkpoint, which makes me wonder tonight even if the first tee off -- tsa officer to die in the line of duty today, are we safe? if you can bring a gun, and assault rifle through a security checkpoint, are we safe? >> well, he brought it to a security checkpoint, like a crowded shopping center just as easily. there is no defense against someone who was to blast his way through something. police know that this is a crazy person, not a terrorist. i do not know how we can defend ourselves against that. i really don't. gerri: cold comfort because it is really just a road map for a terrorist at the end of the day. lots of problems going on now with flights all over the cou
. >> it is belief and nonbelief throwing these people together. more than 400 atheists packed into a los angeles auditorium on what is a sunday service. no mention of god. they started this atheist mega church movement. they launched a campaign to have 10 new sunday assembly congregations in the u.s. they hope to raise 80,000 dollars in donations. i am not a racist. for the first time a miami dolphins player of the nfl scandal gives his side of the story. ritchie incognito was suspended indefinitely by the team for bullying jonathan martin. fox sports jay glazer says the week before the allegations started flying martin sent him a text message said he would murder incognito's entire family. he knew the text was a joke and part of the football culture. >> what i want people to know is the way jonathan and the rest of the line how we communicate, it is vulgar, it is not right. when the words are put in the context i understand why eyebrows get raised but people don't know how john and i communicate to one another. >> martin is expected to meet with the nfl investigators later this week. >>> sunday
killed in the line of duty will be remembered today at a public memorial in los angeles. gerardo hernandez was checking id's earlier this month at a los angeles airport when a gunman shot him point blank range. two other bystanders were hurt. 23-year-old paul sicea. his motive still remains unclear. >>> hernandez leaves behind a wife and two children. the world trade center tower has been debated as the nation's tallest building. today we will know for sure. the tower is above the new york skyline to reach the height of 1,776 feet. the committee of architects decide whether the needle disqualifies it from being counted. >> the committee of museum industry from all over the world will announce their decisions today. >> observe caamacare has fallenf the target. the numbers have health insurance companies worried counting on higher enrollment to make their plans profitable. doug luzader is live for us in washington, d.c. with the latest. >> good morning. the administration argued even if the obamacare web site was working properly a lot of people waited until the last minute for hea
with his teammate jonathan martin. abc's aditi roy is in los angeles with the details. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the video that you just saw was richie making his way through a los angeles airport, many assuming that he was there to talk to martin or going to the headquarters of his agent. >> you can ask anybody in the miami dolphins' locker room, who had jon martin's back and they would undoubtedly tell you me. >> reporter: today, richie incognito is making a very public appeal. >> the racism. the bad words. you know that's what i regret most. but that's a product of the environment but that's something that we use all the time. >> reporter: in an interview with fox's jay glazer, he speaks candidly about allegations that he bullied jonathan martin. >> this iss an issue of my and jon's relationship. >> reporter: the so-called threats the intimidation, were nothing more than common locker room banter. >> this speaks to -- it speaks to the culture of our locker room, it speaks to the culture or our closeness. >> reporter: dl fins players spoke about their embattled teammates. some de
's the fun thing about an hour outside of los angeles, thanksgiving is a little bit different. the farm is home to more than 100 rescued animals, goetz, sheep, chicken and pigs. their newest arrival a precious 2-month-old calf, but at thanksgiving time it's all about the turkeys. >> this she's one of our stars today. >> reporter: their annual celebration for the turkeys draws hundreds of families and volunteers, all coming for a very special thanksgiving dinner. >> thanksgiving is a time for people to be grateful. so, we came up with a different way of celebrating with the turkeys as guests of honor. >> reporter: from the founder started the event more than 20 years ago, the turkey sit at a beautiful table with all of their favorite foods. the dining etiquette, pretty much anything goes. they have plenty of adorning fans. >> she loves the turkeys. >> he likes the lettuce. >> the turkeys are very affectionate animals. they love having belly rubs. >> being compassionate and grateful is a huge part. the most important part of thanksgiving. >> reporter: in the eveni ining everyone else gets
. and that will make all the difference for william and his family. and they are heading to los angeles soon for william's surgery. >> what do you think about that? >> that is so great. >> thank you. >> thank you, thank you. thank you. >> reporter: cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> just remarkable. now, we will be there to see william get that much-needed eye surgery in los angeles and bring you that follow-up story just as soon as it happened. powerful stuff. powerful stuff. >>> well, coming up next to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at coveredca.com. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >>> watch for overnight lane closures that may impact you from highway 101, get your latest realtime traffic and transit alerts starting at 4:30. >>
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with margaret brennan. norah o'donnell is off. police in los angeles say paul ciancia wanted to instill fear in tsa personnel-he faces murder charges in the killing of a tsa officer at los angeles i remember airport. >> security at l.a.x. is under review this morning because of friday's shooting. >> he had a gun, like he had the gun trained down like this and he took two shots. >> didn't make sense to me. i thought, you know, well you know that guy had a gun and no one was there to stop him. you know? police were outside. >> police did respond, shooting inging ciancia four times. sources tell our john mill ter gunman snuck in an assault weapon into the terminal by hiding it in his suitcase and a backpack. he cut holes in the top of the suitcase and the bottom of the backpack so the gun would fit inside. >>> healthcare.gov is still dealing with technical problems. it won't be available between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. earn day for improvements. >> dianne feinstein says the site should go totally offline until it's fixed. >> i felt and i said this directly to the president's
to deflect an aste will hit the earth. >> reporter: or "cbs this morning," carter evans in los angeles. >>> one more study and watch out. >> exactly. five weeks ago the fbi shut down what it called the most sew fisty kayed and criminal marketplace on the internet. silk road was a website selling drugs and other illegal goods but this morning as ben tracy reports, it may be finding new life. >> reporter: the new site has the same name and same look, offering up a list of illegal drugs. the purported new operator announced the website is back up. deja vu anyone? this could be gigantic. >> it could be a scam. >> he's used encrypted midges to talk to the person who says he's running the new site which claims to be register 1g,000 user purse hour. >> for some it's more than just a website. it's a cause. they're really invested in it and want to see it succeed. >> silk road is a website where users could browse anonymously for drugs. they had bid coin. it was amazon.com with a black market bend selling heroin and cocaine as well as guns and fake i.d.s. after a two-y
of the miami dolphins alleged bullying problem, ritchie incognito, flew to los angeles today. he just landed. now, jonathan martin claims he was a victim of bullying and martin is now getting help for his emotional issues in southern california. a news crew just got a few words out of incognito, right after he got off the plane in l.a. >> listen, are you here to meet with jonathan martin? >> at this point, i'm not making a comment. >> are you here to apologize in any way? >> i'm just walking through the airport. >> i understand, but are you here to meet with him? can you tell me, lot of people say you called him a half n- word. did you say that? i mean, this is your chance. just want your side of the story. did you say those things? did you say you're going to kill him or get his mother? >> incognito isn't saying much about his trip to l.a., but it's more than a little curious he's flying across the country to a place where martin happens to be staying and getting treatment. we'll have to see if an apology is on incognito's agenda or if the trip is a mere coincidence. now, this trip to l.a.
los angeles patient who says he's become a victim of obama care. >> i thought it was a great idea. >> reporter: tom harris is a 62-year-old self-employed handyman, who had high hopes for obama care. >> my expectations were that it would actually enhance my existing health care plan. >> reporter: how has it worked out for you so far? >> that wasn't the case. i was notified my plan would be ended at the end of this year, in december. i was very surprised. >> reporter: harris suffers from debilitating allergies. he's seeing a specialist. dr. robert ichis at cedars-sinai medical center in los angeles, at least until january 1st, when his bill would go up. >> i know if i go see him, it's completely out of network, and it does not apply against my deductible. so it's really out of network. it's almost in another orbit. >> reporter: the new obama care compliant plan being offered by harris' current health insurance company will actually cost him $5 a less month, but four of his five doctors are no longer in that network. >> i've had patients come to me, saying, please do whatever you nee
: or "cbs this morning," carter evans in los angeles. >>> one more study and watch out. >> exactly. five weeks ago the fbi shut down what it called the most sew fisty kayed and criminal marketplace on the internet. silk road was a website selling drugs and other illegal goods but this morning as ben tracy reports, it may be finding new life. >> reporter: the new site has the same name and same look, offering up a list of illegal drugs. the purported new operator announced the website is back up. deja vu anyone? this could be gigantic. >> it could be a scam. >> he's used encrypted midges to talk to the person who says he's running the new site which claims to be register 1g,000 user purse hour. >> for some it's more than just a website. it's a cause. they're really invested in it and want to see it succeed. >> silk road is a website where users could browse anonymously for drugs. they had bid coin. it was amazon.com with a black market bend selling heroin and cocaine as well as guns and fake i.d.s. after a two-year investigation the fbi shut the site down last month and arrested its suspe
thought of as an outdoor problem inside the home. in downtown los angeles, louisa hodge, kpix 5. >> because of cooking with gas burners, they say as many as 12 million californians are exposed to levels of nitrogen dioxide above healthy standards. who knew? >>> did you hear about the expensive electronics accidentally shoulder on walmart's website for a few bucks? coming up in consumerwatch, why walmart may have to honor those prices according to california law. >> inside the secret party tunnels buried under california. now in danger of being destroyed. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, something fixed on your car. and then you get a notice t een recalled and the >>> with so many recalls on cars these days odds are this may happen to you. you pay to get something fixed and get a notice the part is recalled and the manufacturer will fix it for free. so if you have already paid, do they have to reimburse you? on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains, it's a little complicated. >> reporter: yeah. the law requires that they reimburse you if it's a recall. but many car companies get around that b
in san francisco protests went to sacramento and los angeles. his parents have filed the hraáut claiming the deputy of reckless behavior. they say he should have recognized that their son was carrying a replica ak-47. the lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of money and holds the sheriff's department responsible. we will follow the story for you and the statewide response. you can get the latest on the twitter pages and our web site kron 4. >>> we have more ahead here. many people who lost a loved one before the demolition. we'll show you the gathering. >>> a live look at the san mateo bridge. not a lot of traffic. thank you for being with us. we'll be right back. >>> demolition of the often eastern span of the bay bridge starts tuesday. for those who lost loved ones there and touched by tragedy, it means something different for them. part of their lives will be missing. and we accompanied those who paid tribute to lost family and friends. >> reporter: the span will be gone but for those who lost loved ones it is bittersweet. on saturday morning, the chp allowed people to spend time to r
that part of los angeles airport has been evacuated because of an unknown incident. part of terminal three, in fact, terminal three we understand has been evacuated. not a lot of details, however, you know, passengers have reported that they have been kicked out of terminal three. these are live pictures coming into us now. you can see a tsa agent there in the royal blue shirt and a couple of, apparently, law enforcement officers assisting him. we don't, again, have a great deal of information. this is about 45 minutes ago all started, and you can see from the body language that they're moving pretty quickly. jenna: he's holding up his hand, it's hard to tell if he's injured, but it's difficult to know from this vantage point, we're seeing exactly what you're seeing as well, this is our live shot from our affiliate out there. there have been some reports of shots fired, but we have nothing officially on the record, so it's difficult to understand the circumstances. but we do have reports from passengers that they have been evacuated from the terminal. quite early out there, 9:45 in the mor
. on monday fbi agents visited ciancia's apartment near los angeles. they escorted one of his roommates to his car, also a black hyundai. airport police and the tsa are now reviewing security procedures at the los angeles airport. >> as much as we work each and every day to make this airport and others safe i'm sad to say but nothing will ever be 100%. >> reporter: a memorial was held monday night for gerardo hernandez. the union that represents tsa officers called for some of those officers to carry guns. currently, none are armed. >> we're not suggesting that all 45,000 tsa officers be armed. what we're suggesting is there needs to be another layer added, which would be transportation security law enforcement officers who would have law enforcement duties would have a weapon, would have the ability to arrest people. >> reporter: but the head of the airport police here says even if the tsa agent who was murdered had a gun it would not have mattered. that's because paul ciancia had his his rifle in his suitcase. he pulled it out at the last minute and fired at that of
to the airport on friday. a tsa officer who was wounded at los angeles international airport spoke monday about the ordeal. tony grigsby explained what happened right before he was shot. >> i was injured while helping an elderly man trying to get to a safe area. i turned around and there was a gunman, and he shot me twice. >> he says that when the shooting started, his first concern was to get people in the airport to safety. >> the ride of the east shore freeway is jammed up all the way to albany. the drive time is over 45 minutes. there also may be a hazmat spilled. we will have details when we continue. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with
mall shooter. unnerving scenes in new jersey on the heels of the shootings at los angeles international. the nfl asks whether locker room harassment is out of control. mark strassmann on the lineman who called it quits. do testosterone supplements lead to heart attacks? dr. jon lapook on the results of a new study. and his honor the mayor confesses to less than honorable conduct. he just says this about crack cocaine? >> have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evenin
years for a murder he did not commit. he walked out of the jail, in los angeles, to his family. >> well, i can't be angry, everybody makes mistakes. it is the best system we got mistakes are made i am just happy it is being corrected today. >> he was 18 when he went to prison. loyola in l.a. took up his case part of its project for the innocent. >> we have a copy of an extraordinary interrogation tape how investigators got a teen to admit to a crime he did not commit. >> i was never. >> reporter: the 15-year-old insisted he had nothing to do with a gang related shooting but detectives were persistent. >> it didn't work to your benefit to lie. >> reporter: that eyewitnesses picked him out of a line up. the interrogation, continued for an hour. he was going to jail. two people got hurt and he was one of the shooters detectives said. then the detectives left the room. he cried. >> he doesn't get the facts exactly the way police believe they are. >> reporter: northern california innocence project said teens like him are easy to break. >> they continue to pressure him require him to keep giv
and that is one in the wealth magnets of los angeles, new york, and boston. there is something going on here with government, apparently. and women have officially recovered all the jobs they lost during the recession, men have not. there are a record 67.5 million women now working, up from the peak of 67.4 million in 2008. the dow jones hitting 16,000 for the first time in today's trading, closing at 39 record of the year. markets retreated after carl ichan said that he was very cautious on everything needs a big drop on. this includes management's efforts to boost results. my next guest disagrees and says the markets will continue to move higher. joining us now is the chief equity strategist and portfolio manager bob dahl, good to have you with us. >> thank you for having me and good evening. >> this is a rare time, 39 record high closures, 16,000 in the day-to-day, please give us your outlook on the market. >> people making the logical case. the past that, we have an environment where we have federal reserve monetary policy, which is supportive and we have an economy that is graduates wa
california shopping center ended an hour ago with a suspected robber taking his own life according to the los angeles county sheriff's department. it started after 4:00 this afternoon. witnesses say that the man had robbed a pharmacy, then barricaded himself in a verizon store. no one was inside the store, but the shoppers were evacuated from the shopping center, no one else hurt. >>> 140 million people are predicted to shop this weekend. the national retail federation thinks holiday sales will go up nearly 4% this year to $602 billion. last year sales were up 3.5%. online sales are projected to go up even more this black friday. ibm digital benchmark predicts a 9.7% increase from last year, 21% of that coming from people shopping on their smartphones. others want to spend their cash at local businesses. we have the story from jacqueline square with a different kind of shopping center. >> reporter: oaklanders call it plaid friday to represent the diversity of all the independent shops here. shoppers are encouraged to spend on local businesses. forget the flat screens and fistfights of black
five people hurt at the los angeles memorial coliseum when fans rushed the field after the usc football team win over stanford. one person suffering a possible broken leg. another fell. all ten why taken to the hospital to get checked out. >>> all right. are you ready for some sports, guys? this one, the talk of college football world this morning. what can be one of the most incredible hail mary touchdown's. it was caught on camera. look at this. >> lets it go. oh, my god! >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, no! >> can you believe that? auburn down 38-37 with just seconds left on the clock. qb nick marshall threw up a desperation heave on 4th and 18. somehow ricardo lewis pulled it in off that tip. auburn wins 43-38. that's why you throw them up there. right? sometimes it happens. >> one in 500 times. >> one in 500 times, rick. you never know when it's going to happen. >> unbelievable. >> good morning. >> good morning, guys. there's a loot happening weather wise. >> there is? >> yes, there is. today will be a big day. take a look at this video that we'll start with out of washington and oregon.
and people inside the vehicle started shooting at each other. >> the los angeles city council has taken aim against "swatting" - the prank of calling in phony emergencies that has sent police swat teams to the homes of celebrities and others. the council on wednesday approved a measure allowing rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the pranksters. in april, phony 911 calls sent police to the homes of rihanna, justin timberlake and selena gomez. >> the transportation security administration officer killed by a rampaging gunman at los angeles international airport is being honored at the place where he died. gerardo hernandez was remembered wednesday by tsa officers, police officers and others who lined the airport walkways. an honor guard and bagpipers escorted a special u.s. honor flag flown in from texas. the flag will be used at hernandez's funeral. a motorcade circled the airport's main road twice. hernandez is the first tsa officer killed in the line of duty. the 39-year-old father of two was shot in an attack friday that wounded two others tsa officers and at
and supporters, they were arrested in downtown los angeles for protesting what they're calling poverty wages. list and monica, i want to talk to you. this issue is coming up a lot. it frustrates me because i think sometimes people put themselves in positions where there are only certain jobs they're qualified for. i don't see where publicly-traded company or private business obligation to pay them more than the market demands. liz: you know, i see both sides of what is going on here, and it's a really bad economy. listen, walmart job is a great job for a person who wants that job, who knows what the job is all about. the idea that it's a grateful-time job for somebody who is unemployed and prior to this, that's the pain of this jobless recovery, right? this is not a grateful-time job. a lot of kids to raise. and heading to college, right? but the other side of it too, walmart does provide benefits. it provides health benefits and 401(k)s to a lot of workers. >> it's a great company to work for, you know? look, there's a lot of pressure. walmart has been under a lot of pressure for a long tim
spon los angeles. >> reporter: while they were once described as close friends, it is unear whether they are now in contact with each other. they are both waitg for an opportuny to speak to a lawyer hired by the nfl to investigate these allegations of bullying. lphins offensive lineman, jonaan martin, remains on the team injury report is weekend, the reason listed, illness. friday, marn was spotted leaving his parentslos angeles home. attorney, ted lls, is leading the nfl's investigation into allegaons of bullying. >> wil it be over by the end of the seon? >> i hope so. >> is the nfl givg you complete independence? >> complete. >> reporr: at issue, w martin bullied by one or more teammates? is the newest allegation true thatt least once martin suffered a physica atta. statement issued by mart's attorney says, in part, jonathan endured harassment that went far beyo the traditional locker room hazing. he endured a malicious physil attack on him by a teammate and daily vulgar comnts. one aeged quo is a course comment about threatening martin'sister. last sunday, the dolphins suspende m
that a los angeles auto show. dagen: how much, what has been lincoln's problem? the cause look too much like the ford? are they solving that issue? >> they were too much like the ford and differentiating their particularly -- this is a great looking vehicle, not like the escape at all. you get more technology than you'd get in and ask the and the materials used to trend this. i give them credit for going after older buyers. companies don't want to admit that. this goes at younger buyers. the first time luxury-car buyers and if you don't get them you never get them. dagen: talk to me about the phrase because prius is a tricky issue with u.s. selling a luxury vehicle because you don't want to too in expensive in relation to the competition because that smacks of is cheap. >> just the same you can't rebuild your brand going head to head with the competition. this is the kind that has gone up against 39, $40,000 cars, even the acura it x is expensive to get in the door. you can make a less-expensive. it has to be as good or as close to as good as other vehicles or be disappointed. dagen: i unint
. los angeles, dropping subaverage, too, as we go to the end of the week and the start of the weekend. it's been very windy in florida. >>> good morning. i'm mike nicco. off to a foggy start in many areas like san rafael but high clouds and sunshine this afternoon. low to mid-60s at the coast, low 70s inland. >> this weather report brought to you by crest pro health rinse. i thought you might want to check in on brazil, the weather there. i've seen some hot pictures. it is very warm in brazil. 92 on saturday. >> ginger, i am surprised at you. us, yes. but you? never. >> that explains it. >> yeah. >>> coming up, mariah carey's explosive comments about her former gig as an "american idol" judge. >>> and an apology from the founder of lululemon. but it doesn't seem to be working at all. >> oh, ginger. ou're a rinse use, you may have heard there's a new rinse that talks about protecting, even after eating and drinking. crest pro-health has always done that. it's clinically proven to fight plaque and gingivitis. rinsing with pro-health after brushing can take your oral health to a new leve
a concierge real estate service is basically brandon being a native, i've been in los angeles almost 14 years, we are dialed in so that our clients come here, even if they're international, or different states wherever they come from, we can sort of taylor make them, a program for los angeles, from architect to the interior designer, tickets to laker games, whatever they need. lori: sound great. what a life. you two are the envy of many in the real estate industry and beyond. they are engaged from what i understand. congratulations on that front as well. >> thank you. >> thank you. lori: take care. adam. adam: thank you very much, lori. it's a big day for jefferson county alabama. a court hearing is underway whether it can exit bankruptcy by the end of this year. jefferson county became the first municipality to issue debt while still bankrupt. in the past week it sold $1.8 billion in bonds. many consider this a test whether places with weak finances, pick any municipality you want across the country, can still sell debt to investors. until now most believed bankrupt municipalities would lose
a historic bill. the bill faces an uphill battle in the republican controlled house. >> the "los angeles times" looks at another tesla electric car fire. the auto maker confirms one of its is model hatchbacks burning on a freeway. it's the third to catch fire in five weeks. >>> "the washington times" says a gun writer fired for piece. he argues the second amendment is no different than any other right. this week the editor of "guns and ammos" and said its commitment is unwavering. >>> and "the wall street journal" is talking about how airlines are mining personal data in flight. they'll soon carry personal information on whether passengers have allergies or bags have been logged. >> as if >>> good morning. it's sunny and 34 degrees 25 degrees colder than this time yesterday morning. yesterday afternoon and last night's wind there's still a breeze in the area. we will keep it kind of breezy. mostly sunny, 54. it's going to be on the chilly side but a beautiful fall day and beautiful fall weekend. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by big lots!. surpris
murder charge in the killing of a tsa officer at los angeles international airport. >> security at lax is under review this morning because of friday's shooting. >> he had his gun like he had his gun trained down like this, and he took two shots, just didn't make sense to me. you know, i thought, well, you know that guy had a gun and no one was there to stop him. you know, i mean the police were outside. >> police did respond, shooting cianci four times. sources tell our john miller he hid the gun in his suitcase and backpack. he cut holes in the top of his suitcase and bottom of his backpack so the gun would fit inside. >>> healthcare.gov is still dealing with technical problems ap. a notice on the home page now says the website won't be available between 1:00 and 5:00 a.m. eastern time every day while improvements are being made. >>> dianne fine stone told bob schieffer on "face the nation" the site should go totally offline until it's fixed. >> i felt and i said this directly to the president's chief of staff they ought to take the site down until it's right. they believe they can k
but for now it's only available for customers in los angeles and new york. >> the britain "telegraph" says a satellite broke up as it re-entered the atmosphere. it weighs about a ton. about 25% did reach the planet's surface but it's not clear where. no damage is reported. >> the ""los angeles times"" says liquids bans are been lifted. and u.s. officials are taking a look at the technology but the tsa says it's not ready to lift the ban yet in this country. >> "usa today" says obama will meet the oldest vet. richard is 107 years old. in 1942 he was in his 30s when he volunteered in the army and . >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by big lots!. surprising savings. every aisle, every day. >>> the miami dolphins player at the center of a scandal breaks his silence. >> my actions were coming from place of love. no matter how bad and how vulgar it sounds, that's how we communicate, that's how our friendship was. >> nfl insider james browned on richie inn cog knee toe's apology and the fallout from the front office. >>> what turned the typhoon into one of the biggest in histor
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